Packages and Pricing

Diablo Valley Perinatal 3D|4D pricing packages are simple and based on time rather than “add on” charges seen at other 3D sites. 

These items are included in every 3D|4D session at no additional cost.

  • A recorded DVD.  When we start the 3D|4D session, we will begin digitally recording the session.  Everything you see during your entire time with us will be digitally captured on DVD and provided to you.  You may enjoy your 3D|4D experience as often as you wish for years to come. 
  • A photo CD.   In addition to the recorded DVD, the best individual 3D photos and 4D movie clips will be burned to a second CD.  These images may be used in digital photo albums, e-mailed to family and friends, posted on your facebook page or used as a screen saver.  Alternatively, these images can be uploaded to a professional photo printing web site for superior quality printing.
  • Printed photos.  We will print at least six high quality color photos (2 for gender determination) for your photo album or to hang on your refrigerator as soon as you get home.

Gender determination

The simplest and shortest time scan we perform lasting only 10 minutes and performed anytime after 15 weeks.- $65  ($250 refund if we are incorrect)

Single session 3D|4D

This experience lasts 25 minutes and can be performed at any point in pregnancy.  Please view our photo gallery for typical 3D photos and 4D movie clips obtained at various gestational ages and choose which gestational age is right for you. - $130

Two session 3D|4D

Enjoy the 3D|4D experience twice (two 25 minute sessions).  Please view our photo gallery for typical 3D photos and 4D movie clips obtained at various gestational ages and pick two gestational ages that are right for you. - $245

Three session 3D|4D package.

This is the complete package for those who can’t get enough. This package consists of three separate 3D|4D sessions. - $290 

  • In the second trimester, a 10 minute session to determine the gender of your baby (usually 15-16 weeks)
  • In the late second trimester (usually 26-30 weeks), a 25 minute 3D|4D photo session
  • In the early third trimester (usually 30-34 weeks), a second 25 minute 3D|4D photo session to complete your pregnancy photo album

I had a 3D ultrasound in my previous pregnancy – and this was nothing like that experience - the quality of images at Diablo Valley Perinatal 3D were 10 times better.


Diablo Valley Perinatal 3D was amazing! The photos were so real – it was like he was already here!